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About Us

A Winning Team

 We are a small group of animal lovers who are working together to help facilitate Trap Neuter Release and medical care for animals in need.  We are here to help each other help the animals and to partner with businesses, rescues  and groups to make the biggest impact.

Our History

 Mia (known as “Murderous Mia”) is a rescue cat who came to her mom as a hospice foster with many medical issues. She has overcome a lot of health concerns and in her journey, met a lot of human pals (many of whom are a little frightened of her angsty 4 pd person). She and her pals decided that they wanted to help animals in need. So a group of her people joined together to help do Trap Neuter Release (TNR) to lessen the population and suffering of animals and help cover costs of care for animals in need (dogs, cats, birds... Mia insists on not being specist). She invites all those who want to find a way to help to join her mafia. Her only rules are: 1. the animals come first 2. everyone supports each other and 3. no drama  remain calm. The goal is to have fun while we all work together to make life better for the ones we can help.  

Animals Are Our Mission

We focus on keeping things positive and supporting each other so that we can be at our best to do the most good for the animals. We strive to collaborate with others and encourage our team to come up with new and better ideas of ways to help and to run with those ideas. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to help these animals. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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